My Gorgeous Copper Pitcher With Ayurvedic Benefits!

I recently purchased this amazing copper pitcher and have been absolutely loving it! The best part of it is not how beautiful it looks (although it is a real stunner), but, rather, the fact that it has some amazing ayurvedic health benefits!

I recently learned that copper has some incredible healing properties that I had never heard about. In particular, copper has been known for thousands of years to be a powerful but natural anti-bacterial agent. In fact, apparently there are some recent studies which showed that bacteria-infected water put into a copper pitcher died off in a number of hours, leaving the water clean and bacteria-free!

Not only that, but copper is an essential mineral which our body needs. Drinking from a copper pitcher is also a great way to enjoy natural alkaline water, since the water becomes more alkaline when it comes into contact with a metal like copper.

There are way more health benefits, and most of them are canvassed on the website where I bought my copper pitcher – check out Beyond the health benefits, the aesthetics of the copper pitcher are gorgeous. The copper is hammered by hand, which gives it an amazing luster. Apparently the hammered texture also helps from a health perspective since it increases the contact area of copper that touches the water.

Ayurvedic practitioners recommend drinking from a copper pitcher first thing in the morning. I will give it a try and let you know how I enjoy it!