Best All-Natural Healthy Ice-Cream Shop Ever!

I think I found my new favourite ice cream shop!

The place is called Kippys, and it’s located in Venice, California. What makes Kippys so amazing and unique is that they make and sell fresh ice cream that has five ingredients or less.

In particular, The ice cream is made of coconut cream, coconut water, fresh organic fruit, raw local honey, and/or dates. As a result, the ice cream is essentially a raw organic non-dairy coconut-based ice cream, sweetened with raw local honey. They advertise that their ice creams are made by hand in house daily.

This is super important to me because I have a variety of allergies to nuts and other foods. It is so huge for me to be able to enjoy ice cream with confidence that it is dairy free, soy free, nut free, gluten-free, and, as they advertise, guilt free!

I’ve been to Kippys two times already, and loved it on both occasions. I’m excited to keep going back and trying all of the different flavours and combinations. So far, I have absolutely enjoyed the matcha and the chocolate ice cream there. They were absolutely delicious! I’m looking forward to heading back again soon to try the other flavours.

All of this is got me thinking about trying to make my own healthy ice cream as well. Given how simple the ingredients are, I figure that it shouldn’t be too hard to put them together in an ice cream maker and produce something fairly respectable!

I found this really affordable ice cream maker online that looks like it would do the trick. It’s a bit of a hassle since I would need to crank it by hand, but I suppose that can be considered exercise which justifies the tasty treat which follows!

Anyway, I’ll give it a go and let you know how it works!