Instant Pot Yogurt

I tried making yogurt in the ever versatile Instant Pot for the first time over the weekend and it was quite successful! I read many other blogs about how to best make it and avoid any mistakes they made, and with that research in hand, my batch turned out pretty well!

The first thing they recommends was to sterilize your stainless steel insert and the underside of the lid. I just poured boiling water over everything. They also recommended using a separate silicone seal exclusively for yogurt because if you use the one you use with savory food, the yogurt could end up tasting like that food. So I bought a new 2 pack of seals from Amazon and plan to use one just for yogurt and will save the other for when I feel like I need to replace my original used with savory foods.

Next you need a good probiotic capsule to empty into the mixture. I had some probiotics at home that I just used but you can easily find them in health food stores. I’m told it’s important to get the capsules and empty the capsule and discard the capsule itself. Probiotics that are in a pressed vitamin form won’t work for whatever reason I read on many blogs.

Also make sure you have a good thermometer as you will need to measure the milk temperate a couple times to make sure everything is on track.

Lastly, be patient while it does it thing! Here is a great resource I used for the recipe itself and some tips (I searched the internet far and wide and liked this resource the best!):